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Facebook Buys Vidpresso to Make Videos More Interactive

Facebook is determined to make its social networking platform as a viable competitor of YouTube. The company is firing all its guns to make its video contents more viewer-friendly and interactive. In fact, it is currently in competition with Twitter, Snapchat, and even Twitch for dominating the video content market. A big move in this direction is acquiring Vidpresso. It is a small start-up company comprising of the seven-person team. It is not just the members of Vidpresso that Facebook has employed, they have also bought their technology.

What Does Vidpresso Do?

Vidpresso is a Utah startup and it is functional for six years only. It works with the content publishers and TV broadcaster to make their online videos more interactive such that the user engagement increases exponentially. The interactive techniques include on-screen polling and comments, showing different graphics, live broadcasting integration with Facebook, YouTube and other such platforms. The Facebook team wants to use their technology to publish more polished videos than what they are publishing right now. The financial aspect of the deal is undisclosed. While raising money in 2014 and 2016 via some angel investors, Vidpresso stated that they are not going to sell out unless some crazy deal like that of WhatsApp comes their way. Indeed, they got the Facebook team’s attention and they got sold out.

Some of the popular and renowned clients of Vidpresso include BuzzFeed, Nasdaq, NBC, TED, KTXL, Univision, Turner Sports and much more. All the clients will keep on getting the service they are entitled to get. This is an indication that Facebook is going to offer enterprise video services for now. However, Facebook has made it public that they will not charge from the clients and they will continue to get the services for free of cost. It remains to be seen whether it discontinues the service and cut the connection with the live streaming feature on Twitch and YouTube as available in the service now.

Why Sold Out?

The members of Vidpresso will join Facebook in Menlo Park, London, and Los Angeles. The members stated that the reason for selling out and joining Facebook is that they think Facebook is the place where their vision can get accelerated to reach its goal faster and in a better way. They will be able to provide a simple way for the publishers, creators as well as broadcasters to make their live video more interactive. This will also help the viewers to stay interested in the video and interaction is always engaging and entertaining. Facebook Live currently has 3.5 billion broadcasters and their aim is to make the videos at least six times more interactive than they are now.

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