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CardMunch Introduces An App To Replace Business Cards

Even though the effects of digitization can be witnessed in almost all specs of life, there are a few things that are still untouched. One of them is the use of business cards in the professional world. However, CardMunch founder is on a mission to replace business cards with his new app named HiHello. This is not the first app that has tried to kill business cards for real. There had been many apps that had tried their luck but their luck ran out sooner without appealing to the mass. The reason for their failures is that both the business card holder and the recipient needed to have the apps installed on your smart devices. But this is where HiHello is different and has a greater chance of succeeding.

How Is HiHello Different?

HiHello does not need the recipient to have to an app to check the business card out. Only the business card holder needs to have the app to generate the business card. This generated business card is sent to the recipients in the form of a QR code. Most of the Android smartphones have QR code scanner app pre-installed in them. Therefore, they can use the QR code scanner to check the business card out and get all the information they are looking for. It gets even better for iPhone users as the native iOS camera app to scan QR code without any need for a third-party QR code scanner.

A New Way Of Sharing Contacts

HiHello app opens up a new way of sharing contacts with potential clients and customers as well as any known faces. Instead of providing, details separately one by one, you can send across the QR code generated by HiHello app. In fact, the recipient can quick save the contact information in their address book instantly. The app has been designed by a team of fewer than six persons and the team is led by CardMunch founder Manu Kumar.

HiHello app helps in creating different types of business cards with different types of information on them as per requirements. For example, you can create a business card for business purpose and one for personal purpose. Depending on the group of persons you want to cater to, you can make a custom business card accordingly. This is a huge feature that is advantageous for everyone which would have added overhead expenditure in the physical world.

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