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Startup Picfair Offers Every Photographer Their Own Store

The London-based startup Picfair is a photo marketplace, and it is competing with the leaders like Getty and Shutterstock in its niche. The startup aims to provide the photographer with a fairer deal that will lure the photographer to their platform from the leading ones. The major new feature is going to give the photographer on its platform all the resources to create their independent online store on its platform. Currently, there are over 35,000 photographers present on Picfair marketplace platform. With the new feature, the customers can buy directly from the photographers, and they can opt for a licensed digital copy or a physical print as they find suitable.

The Vision Of Picfair

Picfair aims to be more than just a traditional stock image marketplace where the leaders already have the majority of the market share. The founder BenjiLanyado who began his career as a journalist at The Guardian said that they have the vision and the mission to be the new generation stock image marketplace. They want to become a complete commercial ecosystem for the photographers as well as the customers with stores, prints, and various other features which are currently under development. This new development is aimed at all the photographers irrespective of their skill level to make money from every photo they upload on the platform in the fairest way possible.

What’s More?

Apart from selling through the photographer’s individual Picfair store, the photos will be listed on the popular Picfiar global marketplace. Picfair is aiming to become the Amazon of the digital image world. The users can search from a specific type of stock images, and they get to see the result images from the stores of the photographers. They can then check out the collection of the photographers. The photographers can design their store effortlessly with controls from the popular website builders like Wix and Squarespace. Moreover, the option of on-demand print from Zenfolio and Smugmug is the icing on the cake.

Picfair is aiming to become the most complete stock image marketplace with the controls of website builders, the commercial structure of e-commerce platforms and the robust features of photography platforms. The move is fairer to the photographers with more royalty splits and price control. The company has completed a $540,000 equity crowdfunding round and a year ago, it got 1.5 million euros seed round. There are many professional photographers who contributed in the crowdfunding round as everyone sees big potential in its approach.

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