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RoadBotics: The Startup Is Developing A Robust Solution For A Century-Old Problem


Every time you vehicle thump over a pothole, you start to cringe and worry about whether you have a flat tire scenario. No matter how much you vent your anger out on the people in power to fix the pothole, they never get fixed or new ones are created. However, the startup company RoadBotics is on its way to developing a high-tech solution to address this common problem that is existing for multiple centuries. The technological solution will be able to identify every crack in the streets and catalog every crag. Not just that, it will alert the authorities of these cracks, and there will be an interface through which the authorities can zoom into the cracks and get the tiniest detail of the asphalt block.

The Rise Of RoadBotics

RoadBotics is one of the few companies that have received funding and guidance from URBAN-X. It is an initiative taken by MINI and UrbanUs to help the startups to accelerate in their products and technology to reimagine the city life and solve the existing problems to make it better for the population. RoadBotics is on the mission to reduce the number of potholes on the road and bring it down to a bare minimum so that driving can be smooth and accident-free. URBAN-X just paved the way for the startup to accelerate towards its mission and achieve the feat successfully in less time.

Mark DeSantis, CEO of RoadBotics, stated that the issue of potholes and cracks in the middle of the road is a 2500-year-old problem. It started even since the Romans built the roads and they had to be inspected, repaired, and maintained regularly. However, in today’s world where the population and development have exploded, it is not possible for authorities to monitor the cracks and crags on the road physically. Even though there are CCTV cameras everywhere, it is difficult to go through the footage of all of them to identify the potholes and cracks.

The Technology Behind The Solution

RoadBotics have interns who survey the network of roads manually. Apart from that, they rely severely on street sweepers’ vehicles and the cameras that are attached to them. They collect the video footage of the road in the cloud. Then using the footage, the RoadBotics Software suite creates models of the road surfaces using image processing. Then they are rated from very bad to great. These models can be zoomed by the government authorities to get the exact location and condition of the cracks. A deep analysis of the cracks is also possible such as how fast the crack is deteriorating and likewise.

The Stride Towards Futuristic Smart Cities

RoadBotics has already bagged clients from 15 different states and two different countries. The company is also focusing on how they could use their data to provide more solutions to existing problems in the near future. They have sidewalks, guardrails, power lines, and roadside foliage on their list as of now all of which are inter-related and directly concern the urban life. It is needless to say that RoadBotics is creating a smarter and brighter tomorrow for the citizens of the cities.

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